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  1. Ok no support whatsoever. So I wasted triple the time that an expert would and I solved my issue in a very unorthodox way. See the file attaches. Now everything works fine, but slower. at least it works
  2. Guys if you cannot help me with this problem just let me know..
  3. *Also another update When I highlight execution, everything works fine! (very slow.. but fine)
  4. I cannot replicate that experiment 2 today. Without closing the stepper and the arduino with the run continuously button, it runs fine. I keep having issues when two event cases are present. Seems like when an event is queued, the stepper wait til steps complete is overridden. Any solutions to that? *Update.. Again when trying to exhibit the operation to my tutor, I practiced 6 times... all ok.. He used it, he altered the acceleration on one of the event cases to max and then back to zero and.. boom motor went backwards..
  5. I was really trying to replicate the problem so yes I was running it continuously using the "run continuously button" but I know its not a good practice. I am using only one stepper. Today I felt more like "proper" problem solving and I remember that usually when the initial stated problem was happening was between two different event structures. So I was clicking one event it was executing then another one, it was executing and then everything was going wrong.. So here you have, attached the problematic .vi To recreate the problem, run the .vi > press event 1> wait until i
  6. Hello guys sorry for the late reply, got jealous from Mr.Kristoff and went on some holidays. Well well well, I got two experiments and two outcomes. 1st Experiment: Normal arduino initiation, stepper write +steps, Stepper wait, stepper write -steps, stepper wait, stepper close, arduino close, error handling. Result: All good with run, and run continuously. 2nd Experiment: Normal arduino initiation, stepper write +steps, stepper wait, stepper write -steps, stepper wait (nothing else). Result: All good with run, but when running continuously the .vi ends before the stepper com
  7. Or maybe use a sequence structure? Waiting for your reply, Regards
  8. So I have to create a different event case with a different button to complete backward steps? Is there any other option where I can do a simple back and forth movement with one button on my front screen? Regards
  9. Hello Kristoff, I knew it was going to be you, I have attached the vi. Please have a look
  10. Thanks Jon, I will wait for his reply. I am trying to find answers on other forums as well with no much luck. It happened to me again, it was doing forwards and backwards steps fine and at the third time I actuate it boom.. small movement to the front and all the commanded steps to the back, crushing my actuator.
  11. Hello community, I am using LIFA to control a stepper motor. What I want to achieve is to insert a some steps and the motor has to go forward for X steps and then the same steps backwards. I have connected 2 stepper write but it does not work as I want it. The motor goes forward only for a few steps and then backwards for the full value of steps. What can I do?
  12. As I have not received any reply from the National Instruments website nor the arduino community. All the hope that is left is in this community. I am currently working on a project controlling linear actuators powered by stepper motors. Even though I can control the direction and speed of the motor I cannot control the steps it will do. I remember on LIFA there was StepsToMove function? How can I specify the exact steps? Which block should I use? The duration should be an answer to that (ms connecting wire) But it does not work at all. The motor continues after the specified