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  1. Hi Jon, Thank you very much for your help with my questions! I believe that we will be able to use the UC32 to serve as a pulse counter after all. Thank You, Nick
  2. Hi Jon, So suppose I connect my switch to the positive terminal of a 5V, 120 W power supply (from which many other components will be receiving 5V power) and connect the other side of the switch to a voltage follower composed of a 1kOhm and a 1MOhm resistor, and then the other end of the 1MOhm resistor to ground.I If I then use the UC32 to measure the voltage at a point between the two resistors using a digital I/O pin, will the device read a 4.995 V (HIGH) when the switch is closed? Or do I only need one resistor and take the digital reading upstream from the resistor? Best Regards,
  3. Dear Digilent Support Staff,I'm a graduate student at the University of Arizona, and for my Master's Project, I'm designing an irrigation process control system. I'm using a Digilent UC32 microcontroller to read whether or not a switch from a relay contact from a flow meter is either open or closed. I will be using a 5 V power supply, and have read that the digital input pins on the Digilent UC32 can handle 5V at logic levels. I have a few questions: What is the maximum current that is safe for the UC32's digital pins to handle? Do the digital pins have a built-in resist