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    gcc for petalinux

    thanks a lot!
  2. TheGuyWithQuestions

    gcc for petalinux

    Hello everyone, i want to compile a cpp-application on petalinux. But there is no gcc or g++. And if i want to install it via apt-get install, there is no apt. Is there a tutorial existing, how to compile the application code?
  3. TheGuyWithQuestions

    Ethernet: ZyboBoard

    Hi! I had the last years a SpartenE3-Board and did some projects in VHDL with the ISE-Software. Now I choose something new. A Zybo-Board with Vivado and now I'd like to send datas with Ethernet to my computer. So, new board with new software. I looked for some help get the Ethernet work, some tutorials, cause I feel a bit lost. I also looked for other sources but nothing is that stuff i need. Hope someone can help me here. Greetings