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  1. Hi @attila Now it works fine, thanks allot.
  2. Hello Attila, thanks for your answer. Changing Scope.Trigger.Trigger.text = "Repeated"; into Scope.Trigger.Trigger.text ="None"; doesn't help. The result is still 0 Average: -0.20256204946957707 V 1 Average: -0.20255704714549083 V 2 Average: -0.10340124710078286 V 3 Average: -0.0047285733028118795 V 4 Average: 0.0947865008039129 V It should be -0.2 -0.1 0 0.1 0.2 But when i use for(var idx = 0; wait(0.05) && idx < 5; idx++){ if(!Scope.wait(1)) throw "Stopped"; Scope.wait(0.05); ...
  3. Hi folks, i would like to take some measurements with the AD2. OS: Xubuntu 20.04.2 It should go like this: - Switch On MasterEnable of the PowerSupply - Set W1 to DC -0.2V - wait 10ms (settling time) - take the DC voltage on CH1 and save it - Set W1 to DC -0.1V - wait 10 ms ... - Switch Off MasterEnable of the PowerSupply I tried to change the example "Scope and Wavegen" for my purposes but it doesn't realy work. My script: clear() if(!('Wavegen' in this) || !('Scope' in this)) throw "Please open a Scope and a Wavegen instrument";
  4. I forgot to mention that i work with the Analog Discovery 2. Don't answer to the above questions. I'm on a good way to get it work (maybe next week). Regards, Norbert
  5. Hello, i would like to catch the decharging curve of an akku. For that i need - a controllable voltage output and - two analog inputs The output sends a voltage to a voltage controlled current drain. It's simpified spoken a NPN-Transistor and a resistor at the emitter. -------o to the + pole / \ o---| \ \ \ |--o IN2 OUT1 - IN1 / | | / - / o------|--o----o to the - pole IN1 corresponds to the current and
  6. Hi @jpeyron, thanks for your answer. I know the frequency sweep example of your second link. It works fine. But there is no input on a sub-VI where i can set the sample rate and the block size. Maybe i have to clean my glasses and look a little bit sharper. There is a lot undone work on my desk. I will check the links on the "Getting Started"-link next Tuesday. Regards, Lidong.
  7. Hi folks, i want to use the Analog Discovery 2 in LabView in a beginners Lab where the user should set - the sample rate and - the block size for an aquisition. I don't know, how to set it in the LabView-VIs. Are there any examples how to get it done? The user should set for example 1 kSa/s and a aquisition size of 500 Samples for channel 1 and show the data in a graph. Is that possible? Thanks in advance. Regards, Lidong.