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  1. Hi, Does anyone know of a reference design or a board support package that works for the NetFPGA Sume board? I already tried to build the official github repo. Maybe missed something, as it didn't work for me, but another led blinking project (from github) seems to build in vivado. I would like to have a board support package including the memory interfaces and PCIe, does anyone know about such?
  2. Hi, I am searching for an FPGA dev board with lots of available GPIO pins, but unfortunately I can not really find any. Almost all of the dev boards are made with unnecessary peripherals connected to it, or just extra (but small) memory and stuff, which takes away I/O. Or if neither is the case then, because of cost considerations, lower number of layers are used for the PCB, which makes it impossible to route all the GPIO pins. I would be surprised to see that nobody needs a good Xilinx 7th series based FPGA with as many GPIOs made available on pins as possible. (no, no LEDs,