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  1. Hi @attila. I'm satsfied and have placed an order for the Discovery2 and some accessories. Looking forward to the performance of the real thing. Thanks again for your patience and help in my understanding of this device. StanS
  2. Thanks, @attila. Got it. Nothing further to add to this topic. Thanks for all of your help. StanS
  3. Hi @attila I'm OK with the results. However it could perhaps be improved Let me share two screen shots of the same settings except for the fft span: The top one shows fft results of a span of 1kHz and the bottom of a span of 2 kHz. I hope you can see the difference in the frequency display. The top show frequencies from 0 to 1 kHz and the bottom from 99 kHz to 101 kHz. I;m using wf 3.7.15 beta 74 bit Qt5.6.3 Windows 10. Thanks, StanS
  4. I concur, the two demo modes are alike. Are you saying that the real hardware does not perform like the demo mode?
  5. Hi attila. I got the results below twice. I reran the wf gen in between, but no change. I understand the fft frequency scale must be adjusted so that its center is at the specified center frequency. I like your scans a whole lot better. Why the difference? StanS
  6. This is all very interesting, attila. I don't get the "distortion" you show and thus don't get the fft results either. Interestingly (perhaps) the fft baseline frequencies remain centered at 100kHz until the span is reduced to under 1kHz and at 500 Hz span jump to the numbers on your shot - 0 to 500 Hz. Where do the responses at 100 and 350 Hz come from? Why does the center frequency change from 100 kHz to 250 Hz as the span is reduced? It appears that there are some bugs in the software. But this is really pushing pretty hard on this little box. It's truly impressive in other regards - nothin
  7. I'm unable to get the settings above. Perhaps this is due to the demo mode in use. Is that possible? Thanks, Stan
  8. I understand about bins and windows and appreciate their value. What I have observed is that with a constant number of bins the apparent bin spacing does not change in proportion to the span. I'm using the "auto" mode of the analyzer. I'm interested in making narrow bandwidth analysis of signals up to 1MHz, meaning down to a few Hz. Will Discovery 2 do that? Thanks again for all the interest shown. Stan
  9. Thank you both for your two very different replies. I took some data to illustrate my problem. This is still demo mode. I set the center to 100k, varied the span and recorded the resolution: span 50k resolution 30.5 Hz; 20k, 26.9; 10k, 25.6; 5k, 25.0; 2k, 24.7; 1k, 24.5. So changing the span by a ratio of 50 changed the resolution from 30.5 Hz to 24.5 Hz. That's not what I expected. I expected to see the same ratio between changes in span to changes in resolution. There must be come limiting factor at work. Please help me to understand the situation. Thanks, Sta
  10. When changing the start and stop frequencies of the spectrum analyzer the resolution does not seem to change. I'm using the software in the demo mode. Is this how the actual software works. One would hope that the resolution frequency would decrease (become a smaller frequency) as the frequency span is decreased. Thanks, for any responses.