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  1. Cool. Thanks! I currently have a bunch of Digilent XUP USB-JTAG adapters. These are not specifically called out on the xc3prog compatibility table here: .. but can assume they will work since they claim to be compatible with the Xilinx platform USB cable which is supported by xc3prog? Also, this being a Digilent site I was hoping to get an answer from them to see if their software supported this natively (referring back to my original multi-programming question) Thanks!
  2. The attached image is probably the easiest way to ask this question .. We want to program 6 devices all at the same time using 6 copies of a USB-JTAG device (as opposed to having once large JTAG chain). It looks like Impact / Vivado does not natively support this (it sees multiple dongles but only deal with them one at a time). Can we script something to load a BIT file on all 6 simultaneously? We currently have the XUP USB-JTAG Programming Cable but would switch to another one if this one can't do it. Thanks!