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  1. Hii.. I am a beginner and presently I am working on NEXYS 3 FPGA board, I am trying to communicate NEXYS 3 with my computer using PMOD NIC 100. My doubt is how and by using which Protocol can I interface my PMOD NIC 100..?? can it be interfaced by RS232 since I have to transmit temperature data only (I am using PMOD TMP2 for that) Is it a proper way to communicate it..??..Or should I use any other protocol..?? Kindly Help...
  2. Thank You so much for the help...!! I tried to edit it as you said and it worked the PMOD TMP2 is now working..!! I am a beginner and I am facing a problem with PMOD NIC 100, as to which protocol should be used..?? Can I use RS232..??..or any other is used to interface it..??..I simply need to interface it with my computer for data transfer of PMOD TMP2 Please Help...
  3. Thanks for your support.... Following is the UCF file for PMOD NIC 100 i.e. RS 232 protocol # PlanAhead Generated physical constraints NET "clk" LOC = T10; NET "tx" LOC = U16; & the following is for PMODTMP2 i.e. I2C protocol #PACE: Start of Constraints generated by PACE #PACE: Start of PACE I/O Pin Assignments #NET "clk" LOC = "p50" ; #NET "reg<0>" LOC = "p86" ; #NET "reg<1>" LOC = "p85" ; #NET "reg<2>" LOC = "p82" ; #NET "reg<3>" LOC = "p81" ; #NET "reg<4>" LOC = "p79" ; #NET "reg<5>" LOC = "p78" ; #NET "reg<6>" LOC = "p77" ; #NET "reg<7>" LOC = "p76" ; #NET "SCL" LOC = "p41" ; #NET "SDA" LOC = "p42" ; #PACE: Start of PACE Area Constraints #PACE: Start of PACE Prohibit Constraints #PACE: End of Constraints generated by PACE NET "SCL" LOC = C4; NET "SDA" LOC = C9; NET "clk" LOC = D9; NET "reg[0]" LOC = U16; NET "reg[1]" LOC = V16; NET "reg[2]" LOC = U15; NET "reg[3]" LOC = V15; NET "reg[4]" LOC = M11; NET "reg[5]" LOC = N11; NET "reg[6]" LOC = R11; NET "reg[7]" LOC = T11;
  4. Hii.. I am presently working on NEXYS 3 FPGA board and trying to interface the PMOD TMP2 and PMOD NIC 100, I have completed programming for those modules, but while actually interfacing them I am facing a problem as to 1. HOW AND FROM WHICH PIN CAN I APPLY AN EXTERNAL CLOCK TO THE NEXYS 3 KIT ?? 2. ALSO THE PMOD PINOUTS FROM JA1 TO JD10 ON MY BOARD CANT BE ALLOTED TO THE PMOD TMP2 and PMOD NIC 100 MODULE INPUTS IN XILINX PLAN AHEAD, IF I ASSIGN THEM ON THE SOFTWARE THEN WHILE ACTUALLY CHECKING THE WORKING THERE IS NO OUTPUT..!! I AM USING Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.4 HOW CAN THIS PROBLEM BE RESOLVED..KINDLY HELP...!!