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  1. i want to work on a video project which board will be better zybo or pynq . as i have studied that pynq has unbufferd hdmi. suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  2. can we use output from python code in verilog on pynq board. e.g if we take hdmi in python. Can we process that frames in verilog.? Thanks
  3. thanks @zygot and what about vga to hdmi connector for input. and just saw few more boards like PYNQ-Z1, Zybo-7000 and ARTY.
  4. Thanks @zygot yes you are right now vga and dvi aren't mainstream. i've seen atyls board which has hdmi inputs and outputs. so can i use vga to hdmi and hdmi to dvi connector with atyls board. i've read somewhere that connectors has compatibility issues with boards.
  5. hi.. ! I need a fpga devolpment board with VGA and HDMI as input and HDMI or DVI or both as output. i googled but not find a single board with these connectors together. Thanks in Advance.