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  1. Hi Regarding the MTDS, when using the BitBl-function, is there anyway to have transparency, such that certain pixels in the block getting copied will not overwrite the destination pixels? Thanks,
  2. Thomasx

    MTDS Firmware

    Hi @JColvin Thanks for your response. It's not like I will buy any more Digilent products, with this really minimal support of the products. WIth a product like this, and no other font than the system one, and not even more than one font size. No additional libs or anything for building graphical applications etc. Releasing the firmware would at least be something. You can tell your managers this ;)
  3. Was there ever any firmware update for the MTDS Shield? Especially one that allows more or loading own fonts?
  4. Hi Ok. As long as I know I just need to work with those two files, it looks doable. Thanks, Thomas
  5. Hi I would like to use the MTDS together with an ESP8266, the WROOM-02D, via the Arduino SDK that I use to develop for the ESP. I tried using the libraries for the normal Arduino boards, but when compiling I get the "No supported processor defined" error. Is it possible to use the MTDS with the ESP? If so, how would I go about setting it up? EDIT: It seems it stumbled on the SPI setup in MtdsHal.cpp. So, if I fix the SPI setup for the ESP-board, would that be enough? Or will I keep encountering lot's of these CPU-related things? Thanks, Thomasx
  6. Ok, thanks. Clearly someplace else, anyway There aren't any board specific defines in this h-file, as far as I can understand. It seems to me the assignment of the correct CS pin is made via PIN_DSPI0_SS which is set to board specific values someplace else. So I was thinking that's where the proper place would be to add the info for the Mega ADK board. But I guess your way will work too. I'll give it a try.
  7. Ok. I'll answer myself and follow up with another question. So I changed the CS pinning in the MtdsHal.H file. Hard-coded them to 8 and 10, ALT_CS and CS, respectively. And what do you know, it started working Now, you need to consider me a newbie at this (so don't ask how I figured that out ) Now my question is: Since hard coding like this in the library h-file isn't really a smart thing to do, quoting out all the "if defined"-stuff. How do I go about fixing this issue in a proper way? Thanx, Thomas
  8. Hi I just got the MTDS, running it with my Mega ADK. However, when I try the MyDispDemo sketches, the MTDS will just blink once and then be all black, backlight on. I just keep getting "mydisp.begin() failed" What could the issue be? Thanks, Thomasx