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  1. Hi! I need to use NI USRP-2932 for a project. Can I ask if it is possible to install NI USRP driver to the raspberry pi? I am using Raspberry pi 3 model B, with raspian Jessie OS; LabVIEW 2014, and LINX to integrate my rpi and labview.
  2. Hi Kristoff, May I ask whats wrong with the blink VI? Thanks.
  3. Hi Mr. Kristoff, I am using the Raspberry Pi 3 that is available in my school's laboratory. I have attached a picture of the back panel of my rpi's box. I am connecting both my devices, Raspberry Pi 3 and laptop, to the internet via lan wires present in our computer laboratory.
  4. Hi Mr. Kristoff, I attached a file of the results. new.pdf
  5. Hi Mr. Kristoff, After I force re-compiled the project and deploy again, the deployment became successful, but even before I have tried clicking a button on the VI, a warning pop-upped which warns that the connection to the rpi was lost (the same warning as the last photo in the document I posted).
  6. HI Mr. Kristoff, I have attached a document of the results after I tried running a LINX Blink example. output.pdf
  7. HI Mr. Kristoff, I followed the steps from the link you gave me, but after I input sudo schroot --run-session -c lv, I got this reply (I have attached the image). However, I tried this commands, which I think is just the same with the steps you gave. cd /srv/chroot/labview/usr/lib ln -s ./ I then tried deploying my VI again. The deployment was succesful, but even before I can even click anything in the VI's panel, a pop-up window suddenly appears and says that the connection to my raspberry pi is lost. Do you have something in mind on how to fix this? My primary guess for this error's culprit is my internet connection with my rpi; it is connected to the internet through lan cable. I plugging out the cable and plugging it in again, but the problem still persist. I also tried rebooting my rpi, but the same happened.
  8. By deploy I mean clicking the arrow buttton on my LabView VI. I'm sorry for the late response.
  9. I have reinstalled my raspbian a lot of times already but this problem still keeps on popping up. And yes, I have followed the steps in the guide available. Any suggestions on how to fix this? By the way, I'm still a noob in using raspberry.
  10. I am using Raspberry Pi 3 with raspbian jessie and installed labview 2014(32bit) in my windows 7 laptop. Everything goes smoothly as I connect to my rpi using the linx target configuration. The problem is that everytime deploy a vi (I deployed blink), i get this: Initializing... Calculating dependencies... Checking items for conflicts. This operation could take a while... Preparing items for download. This operation could take a while... Deploying NI_PtbyPt.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Local IO.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Device.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:myRIO.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Interaction Parts Kit.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Ultrasonic.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:TMP3x.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:TCN75A.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodTC1.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodGPS.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodMAXSONAR.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodBT2.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodGYRO.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodALS.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodACL2.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodACL.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodTMP3.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodMIC3.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodJSTK.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:PmodCMPS.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:LTC2631.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:AD9850.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:WS2812.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:BlinkM.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:SSD1306.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:HiTechnic.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:HiTechnic.lvlib:Accelerometer.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Servo.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:DS1307.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:MMA8452.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:MMA8451.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:ADXL345.lvlib Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:MPU60X0.lvlib Deploying Raspberry Pi 2 B(successfully deployed target settings) Deploying TagReturnType.ctl (1.32 K) Deploying whitespace.ctl (1.32 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Device.lvlib:TCP Config.ctl (1.58 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Platform.ctl (1.32 K) Deploying Trim (3.18 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Channels.ctl (4.50 K) Deploying Search and Replace (8.40 K) Deploying Find (11.43 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Device.lvlib:LINX VI API (2.93 K) Deploying Format Message (6.47 K) Deploying NI_PtbyPt.lvlib:Update (7.55 K) Deploying (3.83 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Device Firmware.ctl (2.51 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Device.lvlib:Bit (5.18 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Error Type.ctl (1.32 K) Deploying VISA Configure Serial Port (Instr).vi (7.45 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Interface.ctl (1.32 K) Deploying NI_PtbyPt.lvlib:Mean (10.42 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Loop (4.69 K) Deploying Check Special (5.77 K) Deploying DialogTypeEnum.ctl (1.32 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:User Platform.ctl (1.32 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Get (3.61 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Clean Error Call (13.03 K) Deploying DialogType.ctl (1.32 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Device Data.ctl (2.37 K) Deploying Error Code (4.39 K) Deploying General Error Handler Core (47.32 K) Deploying General Error (10.75 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Device.lvlib:Firmware Version.ctl (1.43 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Device.lvlib:Packet Number FGV Action.ctl (1.32 K) Deploying Error Cluster From Error (9.29 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Device.lvlib:LINX Device Config.ctl (5.16 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Device.lvlib:Serial Set (6.57 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:LINX Ref.ctl (5.32 K) Deploying LMH-LINX.lvlib:Local IO.lvlib:Load Device Channels.viLMH-LINX.lvlib:Local IO.lvlib:Load Device loaded with errors on the target and was closed. Deployment completed with errors How can I complete deployment without having any errors?