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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to drive GPIO's 19 to 0, and trying to turn on the leds when a 3.3 voltage is applied in any of this pins, but it doesn't work


    u32 btn, led;
        XGpio gpio;
        XGpio_Initialize(&gpio, 0);


        XGpio_SetDataDirection(&gpio, 2, 0x0); //output leds

        XGpio_SetDataDirection(&gpio, 1, 0xFFFFFFFF); //input pins

        print("Start test\n\r");


            btn = XGpio_DiscreteRead(&gpio, 1);

            putnum(btn); print("\n\r");

            if (btn!=0) // turn all LEDs on when a 3.3 voltage is applied in any input pin
                led = 0xFFFFFFFF;

                led = 0x00000000;

            XGpio_DiscreteWrite(&gpio, 2, led);


    The leds are always on and the terminal always print 3FFF

    I am using Arty7-35t, Vivado 2016.4.

  2. Hi, I'm new in FPGA. I have a design with vivado ipi and i don't know how to interact with an input hardware signal at the microblaze. I know that if the signal is external of the hardware, i can use GPIO module, but i don't have any idea of how do it with internal signals