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    Hi everybody. I am the owner of a chipkit Max32 and an ethernet shield (revision C). When I bought them a few years ago, I managed to use the main functionalities, but then my project fall asleep and I just come back to it now The problem is my PC has changed, my OS has changed (now Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS), the mpide version has changed and I don't find a working version of the Ethernet librairies anymore. I can start again from scratch, but all I need is a working http client example. So my questions are : * I installed mpide-0150-linux64-20150820. Is it OK ? (I also tried uecide with no more success) * Which library should I use ? Ethernet ? chipKITEthernet ? DEIPck ? DNETck ? Depending on the answer I will then precise which exact errors I get (they are different in each case...) Thank you very much for getting me out of this trouble. WEC.