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  1. Thank you taking the time to look into this and explaining it further for me. I thought the sentence was a bit odd as it said it isn't compatible with 5v and then stated that pins should not be taken above 5v...which implies 5v is OK afterall. However your sentence is much clearer and I understand it now - "the FPGA pins are not designed to support 5v logic" Thanks for your help. Rod
  2. Dear Forum Colleagues, I have a Digilent Arty S7 board and would like to integrate an Arduino shield that I own but am cautious as the Arty user manual states "Note: The Arty S7 is not compatible with shields that output 5V digital or analog signals. Driving pins on the Arty S7 shield connector above 5V may cause damage to the FPGA.". The shield I bought is the Velleman LCD Keypad and the instruction pdf is here Has anyone used something like this before and can provide some advice? I assume the Arduino shield is 5v but the sentence above seems to contradict itself. The shield does mount to the Arty S7 properly (but I haven't powered it up). regards Rod
  3. Jon, I've sorted it now thanks to your comment about device manager; that got me thinking so I tried another USB cable. My PC immediately pinged to state a USB device was attached and I can see the Digilent board within Vivado now. Plus the 'Program Device' button was now usable....and I've managed to program my test bitstream e.g. LD2 has started to flash as per the tutorial code. Thanks again, Rod
  4. Hi Jon, Thanks for your quick reply. JP13 is set to USB. LD9 is on. Under ports of device manager I can only see 'Communications Port COM1' and I cannot see anything Arty related under the items in USB controllers. When my board powers up the LEDs LD2-LD5 strobe and the two RGB LED cycle colours - I'm guessing that is a default program in the FPGA, regards, Rod
  5. Hello, I've just signed up and I was hoping for some early help from the community regarding a new board I have from Digilent. It is the Arty S7-50. I'm new to FPGA so probably don't know all the correct terms but have tried to follow through an online tutorial to get the first demo project going - please see I ran into real problems in section 10 and cannot get the 'program device' link to work (it is greyed out). If I open target and autoconnect I get an instance of local host running. And if I create svf target I can select a xilinx_tct but I don't see the Arty board. JP1 is currently on and I've connected the board to my PC via a standard usb cable. When I plug it in there is not new usb device notification like when other hardware is added. I tried this from the command line, using my path as required, but it failed: install_drivers_wrapper.bat <Vivado install path>\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64 C<Vivado install path>\install.log <Vivado install path>\ My PC is Windows 10 Creator AMDx86-64 any pointers would be really appreciated, regards Rod
  6. Hello, hope to be able to help and be helped by this community. I've just got a Digilent Arty S7 board to start to learn about FPGA stuff. regards Rod