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  1. You could be right but this ip will be like a memory management unit. It could be slow for my purpose
  2. @xc6lx45 Thank you for your reply. But i want to do is a little bit different. Assume that custom ip's registers maps to 0x43C0_0000 to 0x43C0_FFFF and our DDR is map to 0x0000_0000 to 0x1FFF_FFFF and value at 0x0000_ABCD is 0x0000_0100 and value at 0x0000_0100 is 0x0000_0005. I want to give 0x43C0_0000 0x0000_000D and give 0x43C0_0004 0x0000_ABC0, ip will calculate 0x0000_000D + 0x0000_ABC0 and the result, 0x0000_ABCD, will be an address. ddr[0x0000_ABCD] = 0x0000_0100 and then 0x43C0_0008 will be 0x0000_0005. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm using Zybo and i want to create a custom ip. The ip will have two inputs (as registers) that has 32 bits: Let's call them a[31:0] and b[31:0]. And i want to get memory value at a and add b. The calculated value is a new memory address and i want to read value at that address and write it into the third register of ip. But i haven't find a tutorial like this. If there's any, i would like to know it. Thanks for your time.