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  1. Good morning (o; Just reinstalled digilent.waveforms_3.17.1_amd64.deb on my Debian 11.1 machine...but when I try to run it I just get in the console: waveforms: symbol lookup error: waveforms: undefined symbol: DmgrSetNetworkConnTimeout Any ideas? ldd doesn't show any unresolved libraries.... Update: Tested 3.14.3 and 3.16.3...both versions run fine on Debian 11.1.... thanks in advance richard
  2. Hi attila Works perfectly now on macbook pro :-) Now time to test on my hackintosh as well (o;
  3. Ah right...sorry for confusion (o; Looking forward to the new build :-) cheers
  4. Hmm..the only FTDI driver I see installed is the AppleUSBFTDI.kext version 5.0.0, no other FTDI driver is loaded besides the Digilent one... Do you mean the 1.4.4 driver downloadable from the FTDI website? Never installed that one....and my Macbook Pro crashed just again using Waveforms under OSX and Arrow USB Blaster under VMWare 10.
  5. Received my Analog Discovery 2 last weekend and now I am debugging a hardware of us where analog and digital is involved... In the device manager I chose 2x8k for scope and 16x4k for logic. When displaying scope and 2 logical inputs I see that the analog scope shows: 8192 samples @ 800kHz, which makes 10msec in total...this is also the whole screen. In the logic part it tells 2048 samples @ 200kHz... Why doesn't the logic part sample at 400kHz as it has half the memory depth per channel as the analog part? (4k versus 8k) Is there a way to capture or log b
  6. Well will test on my Mac when I am at home....also under Parallels.... Anyway...my company just ordered my an analog discovery 2 @ digikey which should arrive onFriday to play with :-) And showed the digital discovery to some fellow developers in the company today... Looks like they all throw away their Sale devices (o;
  7. Please let me know if you need any more and specific debug information about the crashes caused by USB driver... It seems the crashes are also caused by running the application when no other FTDI device is connected at all...
  8. Well..I would just expect that it shouldn't crash an application whatever character you type with your keyboard....and furthermore to crashes the whole systems and does a reset (o; Nevertheless I am still very happy with this product...anyway hard to find something to be useful on a mac system...that's why I just registered macintosh.tv to list all usable electronics hardware and software for macOS ;-) Though I believe it will be a very expensive hobby to list all hardware types compatible with mac (o;
  9. Yeah I mixed it a little...as it just happened in this protocol/analyzer scenario where I just wanted to send the "^" character... But it would be awesome if this side by side analog/digital capture in the same windows is possible... As mentioned before..need to convince my company to get me an analog discovery after two digital discoveries (o; Just as a side note....great support and helping this forum here....this makes a very good product even better ;-)
  10. Is this also in version 3.7.5? Seems macOS versions is some steps behind...and there seems to be no beta like for Windows... Anyway...was too early with my previous comment... Using protocol for UART with debug mode causes the MacBook Pro running 10.12.6 to crash totally... Only need to enter "^" + space into the TX line... Attached panic report from crash... protocol_panic.txt
  11. Ah great :-) Love the software more and more...and the discovery of course....hope my company gets me an analog discovery as well to play with (o; Only what is missing now is the combined scope/logic windows like others have (o; I should have read the famous book about the Spanish guy called "Manual" ;-)
  12. Evenin' (o; Dunno if this has been asked/requested before....but popped into my mind just few minutes ago when using the protocol analyser in debug mode where it fires the logic analyser... As it is cumbersome to switch between those two windows it would be nice if a window could be floating to see immediate reaction. Something similar like with EDA programs where a main windows shows a list of available programs (schematic, layout and so on), and clicking an option opens the specific function.
  13. Just kernel panic happened when using HiFive-1 and Digital Discovery together... - Plugged in Discovery - Unplugged HiFive-1 - Started Waveforms - Replugged HiFive-1 - Quit Waveforms -> Kernel Panic Attached crash report amor my MacBook Pro running 10.12.6. panic.txt
  14. This happens for example with a HiFive-1 Arduino board...see attached screenshot which Vendor/Device ID it is using... As soon I unplug the HiFive-1 board the device serial number is listed in the dialog in Waveforms 3.7.5....I can select then the device, and after that replug the HiFive-1 board.
  15. Recently acquired two of those Digital Discoveries to use on macOS 10.12.6... It works nicely, but only if you don't have any other FTDI device connected as well on the Mac... Either it doesn't detect the device anymore, says that the discovery is busy, or crashes for example my self-built Mac or tells me "DptiEnableEx failed ERC: 0x3, Device opening after programming failed" Haven't tested with two discoveries at once as the other one is in the office... This is really a show stopper as we have many devices for hardware debugging where a USB serial adapter must be u