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    FPGA learning kit needed

    [email protected] I have followed Cmod A7 Programming Guide for LED Button and it worked great. If i wanted to read a digital input and output a digital output what is a good site to learn how to do this?
  2. Hi, I have very little experience with programming FPGA's so recently purchased a CMOD A7 to teach myslef. I have followed the tutorial on LED Button and it worked fine. What i would like to do next create a sketch that turns on the LED when a pin goes HIGH and then once I understand how to do this output a pin HIGH when another goes HIGH. Below is the file used for the LED when button is pressed. Where can I go to learn how to do this? In the code below what does `timescale 1ns / 1ps do? `timescale 1ns / 1ps module btn_led( input [1:0]btn, // Button inputs output [1:0]led // Led outputs ); // Assign each btn to it's respective led assign led = btn; endmodule