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  1. Richard_YAB

    FIND_dmgr files?

    HI, I am trying to use the DEPP this is my code ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HINSTANCE hinstLib; //Handle to the a=0; hinstLib = LoadLibrary("depp.dll"); <= works anser is 0x10000000 a= DeppGetVersion( szVersion) <= work anser is "2.8.4" b = DmgrOpen(&hif, szDvc) ; < will not link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- question where do i find DmgrOpen question 1) is this a DLL or lib question 2) where can i get the file question 3) what is the name for the depp used in szDvc // c = DeppDisable( hif);
  2. Hi dose digilent have a DLL? and inter face doc for it??
  3. HI, Is their example code on how to use DEPP module of the Adept SDK in National Inst CVI.
  4. Richard_YAB


    Hi, Is their an example of how to make calls to DEPP module of the Adept SDK. using National inst CVI (ver 9.0) or can some one tell me how to make the call