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  1. Hi, have You installed the digilent.waveforms_2.7.5-i386? What is the output of dwfcmd enum? (linux not wine) The DLL is version independent. It is only a "function wrapper" for digilent.adept.runtime. It reports the adept.runtime version to Waveforms. I can give you the source code of DLL if you need it. It must be compiled under wine_devel env, not easy, I can not give support for it. The native linux version of Waveforms is ready, works fine. Check the forum, and if you send an email to Attila ([email protected]), he will give you a download link. Regards, Sanyi
  2. Hi -AjitJ If dwfcmd enum works, your runtime is OK. If Wavefoms works in demo mode, the wine installation is Ok. The problem can be, that you have 64/32 bit wine version and you've copied the attached files to the 64 bit lib dirs.
  3. Hi All,I have an Analog Discovery, and I used to use it in VitualBox Xp. This was the only software I had to run on Windows. I decided to get rid ofWindows, so I had to make the Waveforms ready for Linux. It is a quite easy task to do: 1. Install 32bit wine. 2. export WINEARCH=win32 3. winetricks --gui dlls select msxml3 and dotnet35 4. Install Waveforms. Now the Waveforms must run in demo mode. 5. Install digilent.adept.runtime_2.15.3-i686 and digilent.waveforms_2.7.5-i386 6. cp dwf.def /usr/local/lib64/wine (in my case) you mustcheck your wine inst. dirs 7. cp dwf.dll.fake /usr/local/lib64/wine/fakedlls/ Enjoy your Linux Waveforms! Sanyi files.tar.gz