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  1. Hello, I am using the Waveforms SDK in LabVIEW with an ADK2. However, something strange is happening. I am generating an array in kHz from 230 to 225. I want to do a frequency sweep through these. That part works fine, except for the first iteration. I've noticed that when FDwfDeviceOpen is run, it generates an odd waveform. AnalogOutFrequencyGet and AnalogOutAmplitudeGet says 1000 Hz and 1 V, respectively. I did not set it to do this and I can't figure out how to stop it. FDwfDeviceOpen is run once and that's the only time this waveform happens. I have thoroughly tested and found that FD
  2. @attila Can you please look at this again? I would very much appreciate some help. Thank you in advance
  3. @attila Thanks for helping. I think I'm still a little confused about the alignment. I feel like this isn't even that complicated, but I just can't grasp it. Below is two examples of results I've gotten from messing with TriggerPosition. I have turned AutoTimeout to 0 and that has seemed to help the reliability of my program. This is RecordLength = 50ms and Trigger Position = 10ms. +/- trigger position yields the same results This is RecordLength = 50ms and Trigger Position = 30 ms. +/- once again makes no difference. This is RecordLength = 50ms and Trigg
  4. Hello, I'm a bit confused as to how the Waveforms manages its buffer. I'm using the Waveforms SDK (via LabVIEW) to both generate a pulse and act as a scope using the Analog Discovery Kit 2. I am generating a 50 ms, 5V pulse with a frequency of 230 kHz. This is connected to a hardware device. I then want to use the scope function to record the output form this device. I can get the scope to read, but I don't really understand why it works the way that it does. As it stands, the only way that I can consistently get a waveform is as follows (AnalogIn): AutoTimeout: 0.5 Sample
  5. Hello, I am creating a program in LabVIEW that is supposed to accomplish 2 goals: Generate a 50ms pulse using the Analog Discovery Kit 2. The pulse being generated is a 0-5 V square wave with frequencies ranging from ~220 kHz - 230kHz. This component works reliably and I have this completed. Then, use the ADK2 oscilloscope to read and save the data to file. The scope will be attached to secondary hardware which is generating an output. However, I am running into an issue with getting data using the AnalogIn components of the Waveforms SDK. Simply put, it's not working. I want to reco