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  1. Dear Jon, Microzed has the same pins in PMOD connector (for JTAG-HS3) also available in JX1 connector, so we have built a motherboard for Microzed connecting the JTAG-SMT2 to these pins: We have checked the continuity between PMOD pins and JTAG-SMT2 pins and everything seems correct.
  2. The same system using JTAG-HS3 cable goes fine.
  3. Jon, Thank you for your answers. I've checked the hardware and the signals connection is good. The results of Adept. The line "Found device ID: ffffffff " repeats 32 times, then ends with "Initialization Failed."
  4. The cable seems to be seen by hardware manager in Vivado (I'm not sure if it is the current or the former cable), but fails when trying to connect. May be a hardware issue between the JTAG-SMT2 and the FPGA board?
  5. I am using vivado v2015.2 . I open Xilinx SDK and the device is not detected:
  6. We have recently purchased a JTAG-SMT2 board in substitution of a JTAG-HS2 cable, in order to program a Microzed board with Xilinx Vivado. The same Windows machine that was working with JTAG-HS2 now recognizes the new device JTAG-SMT2 as "USB Serial Converter". We have tried some solutions in other forums, as using FTDIconfig, with no success. What is remarkable is that, when plugging the device, Windows 1st finds a "Digilent USB device", but then automatically installs a driver and it is converted into "USB Serial Converter".