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  1. Thanks for your replies. I've discussed my problem with someone more experienced than I am and told me I was wrong to compare the I/O of the cheaper Z-turn with the MicroZed, saying that the MicroZed should be able to handle such speeds (I'm trying to hit 360MHz on the lvds channels) if not close to it, through the MicroHeaders on the back. I also found through the documentation that I can control the voltage of the I/O banks through the MicroHeaders as well which is nice. Since there's no guarantee I can achieve such speeds with the Zybo pmods, it might not be worth trying given time constrai
  2. Hi, I'm kind of new to using external I/O connections on FPGA boards but I'm tasked with a project where I plan to interface a high-speed camera with 6 lvds pairs (4 data + 1 clock + 1 sync) with the clock input reaching up to 360 MHz, translating to a max data flow of 720Mbps through each of the 4 data pairs. Although this is the optimal operating condition, I don't necessarily have to achieve such speeds if I can get something close to that using an inexpensive board as low-cost is an important factor here. I was told to look at the following xilinx fpga boards with the Zynq 7000 series chip