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  1. jpeyron Many thanx for the assistance. I will try these suggestion. R
  2. JColvin Thanx for the assistance. I will now have to play around abit. Many thanx! R
  3. Thanx for the effort!!! I really appreciate it! Lets see how far I can go without making smoke R
  4. Thanx for the response! At my current "NEWBIE" level: If I cant plug it in somewhere and use Python to read them, its gonna get REALLY interesting. Main aim was just to have a single point to collect data and keep the costs and complexity down. R
  5. I desperately want to connect three devices to a Raspberry Pi3 that has a single Pmod HAT Adapter fitted to it. The devices are all SPI types: Pmod AD1 Pmod ISNS20 Pmod TC1 I can only run 2x devices since ports JA(A) and JB(A) both support SPI, but JC(A) does not. Is stacking of Pmod HAT Adapters allowed or can I connect an SPI device directly to the open GPIO pins? I would greatly appreciate any advice! Even if NOPE is an answer...