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  1. ArisBock

    JTAG HS3 Under Device Manager - What is it?

    Thanks, that worked and I have been able to program my part. One of my issues was I have a couple of devices based on FTDI USB chips and they show up as USB Serial Converters as well.
  2. I just received my JTAG-HS3 Rev A programming cable and if I plug it into my windows 10 machine I don't see anything unique showing up in the device manager. I know something is popping on and off because I can hear the device attached and device detached sounds from windows. So what should it show up as?
  3. ArisBock

    How to move to older version of Vivaldo

    Okay. I was launching the wrong thing. I clicked on the Vivaldo HLS icon and not the Vivaldo icon. If I use the later I get the TCL console
  4. ArisBock

    How to move to older version of Vivaldo

    I am not sure, the box says Arty. It is based on the Artix 7-35T. I purchased it at the recommendation of our customer at JPL that suggested it would make a good basis for our test board. I have put in a bigger hard drive on my computer (it was time anyway) and so I have both Vivaldo 2016.4 and 2017.4 installed. My issue seems to be that the demo videos and instructions all seem to rely on there being a TCL command console at the bottom of the opening page of Vivaldo. My installation does not seem to have that and I can find no way to turn it on.
  5. ArisBock

    How to move to older version of Vivaldo

    Thank you for the reply, certainly that could be an option, but assuming I don't wish to waste 24GB of hard drive space to a useless program - then the question remains. How do I transition to the older version and get the license to work? I don't wish to just try uninstalling and then installing the old one in case that screws up the license for good.
  6. ArisBock

    How to move to older version of Vivaldo

    I just got my Arty7 board with the 1 year subscription to Xilinix Vivaldo. I set about downloading, installing, and licensing the latest version only to come to realize that I can't make any of the demo softwares work because the Vivaldo is the wrong version. I want to move back to the 2016 version, but what do I do about my license? Do I uninstall the current version and then download and install the older version and the license I have will work? Or do I have to do something at Xilinx website to tell it to abandon the first license and give me a new one?