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  1. Thanks, that worked and I have been able to program my part. One of my issues was I have a couple of devices based on FTDI USB chips and they show up as USB Serial Converters as well.
  2. I just received my JTAG-HS3 Rev A programming cable and if I plug it into my windows 10 machine I don't see anything unique showing up in the device manager. I know something is popping on and off because I can hear the device attached and device detached sounds from windows. So what should it show up as?
  3. Okay. I was launching the wrong thing. I clicked on the Vivaldo HLS icon and not the Vivaldo icon. If I use the later I get the TCL console
  4. I am not sure, the box says Arty. It is based on the Artix 7-35T. I purchased it at the recommendation of our customer at JPL that suggested it would make a good basis for our test board. I have put in a bigger hard drive on my computer (it was time anyway) and so I have both Vivaldo 2016.4 and 2017.4 installed. My issue seems to be that the demo videos and instructions all seem to rely on there being a TCL command console at the bottom of the opening page of Vivaldo. My installation does not seem to have that and I can find no way to turn it on.
  5. Thank you for the reply, certainly that could be an option, but assuming I don't wish to waste 24GB of hard drive space to a useless program - then the question remains. How do I transition to the older version and get the license to work? I don't wish to just try uninstalling and then installing the old one in case that screws up the license for good.
  6. I just got my Arty7 board with the 1 year subscription to Xilinix Vivaldo. I set about downloading, installing, and licensing the latest version only to come to realize that I can't make any of the demo softwares work because the Vivaldo is the wrong version. I want to move back to the 2016 version, but what do I do about my license? Do I uninstall the current version and then download and install the older version and the license I have will work? Or do I have to do something at Xilinx website to tell it to abandon the first license and give me a new one?