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  1. Hi @attila Thanks for the response. Data compression would be a much needed feature. without this Logic analyzer part of AD2 is pretty much unusable for my application. I am actually very disappointed that a $300 AD2 can't do what a cheap logic analyzer does at a 1/10th of the cost. My whole purpose of buying AD2 was to have a high speed Analog and Digital analyzer. I think i have wasted my hard earned money on AD2. I spent almost 4 to 5 hours to get a proper measurement with AD2, which i got on a cheap logic analyzer with in 5 mins. sorry to say this. I am highly disappointed with the product.
  2. Hi @attila Pls refer the attached file "Saleae_Complete_Captured_data", where i am able to capture multiple frames. with AD2 only the first frame shows valid data. Rest of the frames show junk values. is it possible to capture data in AD2 similar to saleae logic analyzer? With AD2 readings i am not able to determine the time between 2 frames. Frankly speaking, the controls in the waveforms software looks very complex when compared to the settings in Saleae analyzer. UART_SPI_UART_Multiple_Frames.dwf3work
  3. Hi @attila Thank you for the quick Response. with your proposed configuration i was able to capture both UART and SPI data. Currently i also have a saleae logic analyzer. Though its maximum sampling rate is 24Mhz, it seems to be doing a better job than AD2. I can record data for 5 or 10 seconds and analyze it. i was looking for similar option in AD2. I would be disappointed if AD2 doesn't have such feature inspite of having a higher sampling rate up to 100Mhz. is there a way i can just mention the sample rate and the number of seconds i want to capture the signals?
  4. Waveforms 3/Analog Discovery UART bug

    It works now. Thank you very much for the support.
  5. @attila Could you also please answer this question. Thanks for your support.
  6. Waveforms 3/Analog Discovery UART bug

    Hi @attila Thanks for the quick response. I have attached my workspace as requested by you. UART_FramingError.dwf3work
  7. I want to capture UART data and SPI data at the same time in the Logic analyzer of Analog Discovery 2. UART baud is 115.2kHz and SPI is at 8Mhz. when i increase the sample rate, UART data is not captured. and without increasing the sample rate i can not capture SPI data. what is the optimal setting to capture both low frequency and high frequency signals at the same time?
  8. Waveforms 3/Analog Discovery UART bug

    Looks like the UART framing bug still exists in the latest Waveforms software(version 3.7.5). Am i missing something. My UART baud is 115.2k. From the previous posts i guess this should be fixed.