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  1. Hi jpeyron, I appriciate your comment, it sounds good. The problem that I am asking is actualy to control the OLED display on ZedBoard not using a hardware designe for the PL, but do all that on the PS (software based). Hi JColvin, Thank you for your comment. I maybe have a wrong version of linux, however when I boot it on the ZedBoard from SD card, I see the Digilent logo apearing by defoult on the OLED screen (see the image attached). Of course I can disable and enable it againt (running the scripts /usr/bin/unload_oled and /usr/bin/load_oled respectively) and I foun
  2. Hi, In my project I want to print alphanumeric data on the OLED display on the ZedBoard, but do that by usin GPIO. I have found a couple of related IP cores online, but that is not what I need. I need something simililar like logo.bin file that is the defoult Digilent logo that apears on the OLED when the Linux is booted. So any possibilitis to modify the logo.bin, or to create .bin file with my own contents? I appriciate your tips and help!