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  1. My Analog Discovery 2 is dead. I bought a new one, works fine. I think that mine was going dead slowly, the Win 10 update was just the final straw. Mine kept "disconnecting", at first it happened probably 6 months ago, it would disconnect often using 1 laptop (my newest one), so I used the AD2 on an old lab computer, then it started "disconnecting" on that one rarely at first, then quite often. It died on a recent Win 10 update, now it never "connects". I never exceeded max conditions, I mostly used the logic analyzer on 3.3V circuits. Do these things get repaired? Does Digilent do repairs? Thanks, Mike Yee
  2. I've followed the directions for updating the driver in this forum, no luck. I get a device cannot start when updating the drivers. No LEDs light in the Analog Discover 2. I get a "USB Device not Recognized". My AD2 has worked for a long time on 3 computers, now it's quite dead. It was working just before I shut down my computer while Win 10 updates were lurking. It could be the AD2 was starting to fail. It was constantly getting disconnected. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike Yee