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  1. I was informed that there is no longer support for MPIDE and that boards like the UNO 32 and UC32 are now add in boards for the Arduino IDE. I added the cofre support to my Arduino IDE. Code compiles and uploads but there appears to be no reset after. Has anyone experienced this also? Is there a work around? Or should I be reporting this to the Arduino forum?
  2. Oh. I only own one wifi shield. Talk with Sheri. Thanks for your help.
  3. It's on the way. fedex trk# 7901 4794 6564
  4. I can't see the jumpers but I know that JP6 and 8 are set for I2C on A4 and A5.
  5. One other thing. Yesturday I received a new ham radio that is built on an Uno 32. It's open source. I have benn able to make changes to the software so I feel confident my software environment is ok. I plugged the WiFi shield into it and it also failed. So now I am really confused. For what it i worth.
  6. I received a replacement WiiShield. It also failed with all three versions of MPIDE. I wonder if I can return both WiFi shields and my uC32 and you can test them. If you can get them to work then you can return to me the pair that works? I have the return box and label. I can also delay my project because it is a personal project so any time frames is ok. What do you think?
  7. Ok. Send me a box and label and I'll ship you my cards. Seriously, if there some lines of code you want me to insert println statements to see how far we get in beginScan let me know. Set my jumpers to match yours. I moved I2C jumpers back. 1) renamed my libraries file to librariesO 2) re-dowloaded and installed chipKIT Network and USB Libs-20150115 3) removed all old versions of mpide 4) downloaded and installed mpide 0023-20140821 5) testing Examples -> DWIFIcK -> WiFiScan added println ("Start scan") just prior to begin scan results: Start of Sketch
  8. First blink works fine and so do some lcd sketches. Using version 0150 windows 020140204 WDWIFICK -> wifiScan starts Start of Sketch WiFiScan 1.0 Digilent, Copyright 2012 That’s all she wrote. Using Eamples DewFck -> WifIScan I get Start of Sketch WiFiScan 3.0 Digilent, Copyright 2014 Start WiFi Scan Scan Failed Status value: 268443650 End of Sketch Running example http server with my WPA2passphrase and my ssid I get WebServer v4.0 Copyright 2014, Digilent Inc. Written by Keith Vogel SD card initialized. File system found. Default HT
  9. I have a uC32 I purchased a month ago from Adafruit. Over the last week I have been unable to get it to work with several tfts that work on Arduinos, with or without a shield. I have exchange several emails with Hemning K. And he can not figure it out. I have also run continuity tests on all pins. Yesterday I receive a wifi shield from you and it fails to scan wifi networks. The http server example reads the ad card but stops on the scan. I did modify the config file for my said and password and changed the security type for pass phrase. Any suggestions you can make on how I debug furth
  10. Has anyone gotten a 40 pin tft to work with a uC32? I have tried two different 40 pin tfts both with and without a shield and failed. I have been attempting to use the UTFT library. Both tfts work ok with shields on an AATAmega256 and a DUE. I am also compiling with MPIDE 0023-windows-20140821. I have heard there are some displays that do work Nokia 5110 and one other. But I feel their resolution is too small a foot print for my project. I'm looking for a minimum of 240x320. If you have a solution please provide links to hardware and software libraries required. Thanks