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  1. I will try what you said. I have seen this document before. the only thing that scared (and it really scared me) are the two lines: sudo chmod 777 -R /opt/Xilinx/ Sudo chmod 777 -R ~/.Xilinx? When ever I see the -R option marker it really causes me to pause. If one is not careful then that -R can make changes to all of the files and destroy your install. I just need to know what these two lines mean and how to use them safely. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Newport_j
  2. Okay, answer this for me. Do I have to be root run Vivado or Vivado_HLS in Ubuntu Linux? I just need to know this. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Newport_j
  3. Okay, I became root and experienced no problems on startup. is this a good idea though. As I said, I do not like to be root unless i absolutely have to be root. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Newport_j
  4. I do not believe that I am. That seems rather dangerous. I want to be root when I am installing software or making major system changes. I can start Vivado as root, I just would like to be not root while using Vivado. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Newport_j
  5. In the attached document, I have an error. I worked through eh VIvado HLS tutorial on Windows completely except for the final two chapters. I am now trying to work through the tutorial again on Ubuntu. After sourcing I type Vivado. it comes up slowly, but also issues two warning about write permissions in a Ubuntu directory. The attached sheet has a text of the warnings. I am a little rusty on this so what changes should I make to avoid these warnings showing up again. As I said the warnings are only on the Ubuntu tutorial. Any help appreciated. T
  6. This reply was helpful. Thank you very much. Respectfully, Newport_j
  7. I am confused about something. I have done the Xilinx High Level Synthesis tutorial (UG871, Dec. 2017) version. I have not done the last two chapters. But something is not clear. Let me give an example: I have some very large c programs that I would like to increase their speed of execution. They were programed properly in that the whole program is made up of subprograms that are, of course, much smaller. The programs are written in c and they compile and run as they should. However, when I profile the program, it is clear that the majority of the program execution time is
  8. Yes, that worked fine. Thanks you very much. Respectfully, Newport_j
  9. I had to completely remove my install of Xilinx Webpack for Windows. I want to reinstall it. i have forgotten how to. I need to know the procedure so I can re-install the Webpack again. I know that one must first download some executive app that continues the install for you. I guess that i need the name of this application and a link to download it. Then I can reinstall the Xilinx Webpack for Windows. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. Respectfully, James M. Yunker
  10. I have got it now. Thanks you very much. The link that you gave me with the HLS tutorial. It is fine, but incomplete. is there more to it? The tutorial has several chapters and that was only the first. Do you have any succeeding chapters? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Newport_j
  11. Honestly, I thought that I did. I am confused, because I was following the tutorial for Vivado. 17.4.I used the Vivado HLS tutorial for HLS UG871 (December 2017 edition). I will have to do some checking. Thanks so much for your help. Respectfully, Newport_j
  12. On page 20 of the Vivado Design Suite Tutorial High Level Synthesis UG871 v2017,4) December 20, 2017 it says at the top of page 20 Click the Run C Simulation button or use... Now when i do that I get the following error as shown in the attached graphic: I am not sure what t hey mean and I did follow the instructions carefully. What am i missing or I am doing wrong? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Newport_j
  13. On page 15 of the Vivado Design Suite High High Level Synthesis docu ment ug871 (17.4) it says 8. Click the part of the button to open the part selection window. 9. Select device xc7k160tfbg484-2 from the list of available devices. Select the following from the drop down .... Now here we select a part not a board. So my question is since I have the Zybo-Z7-20 board what part do I select? I know it must be some selection here. I know when I did the Digilentinc "Getting Started with Vivado" that we had to load a board file, but not a part files. So knowing that I have a Zyb
  14. In page 11 of the "Getting Started with Vivado". It asks a few questions a The area that begins: I your board uses differential clocking.... Is where the questions are. and the answer depends on how the board is programmed. I need to know these answers for the these answers for the Zybo-Z7-20 board. Please tell me what they are. I do not know them. Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Newport_j
  15. Okay, sorry about all of the stupid questions. It was just not clear to me. In addition to the un-commenting the three lines, I will add the changes in the lines that Jon put in his post. Thank you very much. Respectfully, Newport_j