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  1. Ajeeth

    Nexys 4 ddr board is turning off

    Hi, My Nexys 4 DDR fpga evaluation board is turning off when ever i send data through UART to the FPGA. Please anyone give me the reason. Thank you
  2. Hi, I have been using IP core generator for block memory in Digilent NEXYS 4 ddr. I'm able to write the data on to the block ram and retrieve back the data at same clock cycle.But, when i try to read the contents of ram at different extent the instantiation is taking a different block of the block ram. Anyone help me out with the instantiation technique. Thank you
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me how many pins are dedicated for internal clock in nexys 4 ddr. which pin provides 450Mhz clock frequency. waiting for kind replies. Thank you
  4. Ajeeth

    How to use DDR2 for read and write in nexys 4 ddr

    Thanks for your kind reply JColvin. Previously i found SRAM to DDR component method, but may i know how to use that particular method.
  5. Hi, I have bought a new nexys 4 ddr board. Can anyone help me out, how to use on board ddr2 ram to store my data and to retrieve it back after sometime. Please help me out with the code or idea to accomplish this aim. Thank you