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  1. Thanks! Will look out for it once they are made...
  2. Hello, The IP dvi2rgb and rgb2dvi is working great on my KC705 FPGA board. I wanted to move this design to the more modern Ultrascale+ board I have - is there a version of these designs ported to the newer FPGA architecture? Thanks!
  3. vadim

    DVI Receive on Zybo

    Actually, all that happened was that for some reason Vivado was not passing in the "artix7" generic to the ISEREDE2 logic appropriately, and the tools were complaingning they didn't know what a "ISERDES2" was - which was for Spartan6 only. The generic was set to artix7 correctly, not sure what happened, but I commented out the S-6 code and changed nothing else, and it worked. So far the only problem I'm having is simulating the GoPro-derived DVI Receive core. The phase alignment block appears not to work, and the datapath fails. The DVI Transmit core used for simulation is known working, and produces a proper encoded TMDS set of signals.
  4. vadim

    DVI Receive on Zybo

    NM, answered my own question, but can't delete the post.
  5. vadim

    DVI Receive on Zybo

    @hamster: Double-termination might lower the impedance to the diff pair, and the driver may not like that very much... I'll model the source/sink terminated interface over the weekend and see what happens to the signal, going from a Zynq TMDS 3.3V driver, through the DVI connector, into a Zynq TMDS 3.3V receiver. IBIS models for all this exist, so this is not hard to construct. I had some success getting the testbench from here - - I took their two modules and wrapped them in a testbench that can drive any arbitrary DVI receive circuit with legit image data that's properly framed. The image itself is just pixels toggled all high/low for the 3 colors.
  6. vadim

    DVI Receive on Zybo

    Hi Sam, Thanks for the quick response. I guess I'll grab that pcore and construct my peripheral out of it. Are there testbenches you found useful when that was being created? Also, I've got some EDID tables saved off. I've had success with Analog Devices' EEdit as well. At the risk of getting stuff "thrown" at me, any idea when there might be a release of the Vivado support stuff for Zybo? In all seriousness, this the cheapest fully-functional Zynq solutions out there, microzed has less features for more cost, so Vivado support would be very popular with users. But, I suppose you probably knew that already...
  7. vadim

    DVI Receive on Zybo

    Hello, I figured I'd leave the GoPro thread alone and start a new, independent one. I am a new owner of a Zybo board that I received from Digilent yesterday - order 2014-194227. Very excited to test my design with this board.I am using Vivado for development, and was able to get the included HDMI TX design to work properly. However, my real interest is receiving DVI/HDMI images. Is there an equivalent HDMI Rx IPI block for Vivado that can be used? I'm trying to get a handle on how much needs to be changed to port xapp495 to Zynq/7-series. Things like the gearbox are not necessary. However, the phase detector in xapp495 had some dedicated HW support in the S-6 SERDES, while the 7-series SERDES lacks this, so it would need to be built in logic. An example, even if it's "raw", would be extremely useful.