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  1. Well as the title says its pretty straight forward. I would like to connect a Master Port from PS to a Slave Port of the MB (PL), such that i can send data from PS to MB, but i cannot see where to enable them. Thanks for any kind of advice
  2. Hi, I am trying to get the Microblaze working with the PS hand in hand, i.e. some program is running on the PS and some of it tasks should be outsourced to the Microblaze. My question is how do I need to connect the Microblaze with the PS such that this communication possible ? Some guide/tutorial would be awesome. Thanks!
  3. Hello, i have successfully implemented a hardware design smilar to this one. I am able to use the PL as a bridge between the PS and DDR. I would also like to trace the exact addresses that are being carried by the s2mm/mm2s between the ddr and dma. Is it possible to assign them some addresses(e.g. in the address editor in vivado) and track them from the OS running on the board ? Thanks.
  4. Hi again, frist of all thak you for the respones, help and advice @[email protected], thank you for your work and insight on the DDR stuff, sadly i cannot do much with it. Maybe i still don't quite understand the subject that well. I don't know how to apply all this to my Zynq Board which i am programming with Xilinx
  5. Hello, is there an IP that can track memory reads and writes and, eg. output them to a minicom (program thisvia XSDK)? I have tried this works fine, all tests run through. But I don't really know where to look for an approach to this. Is it possible to trigger something within the sdk when a memory access is happening ? Thanks
  6. Well i guess i didn't explained myself quite right. I meant some (C) code to access de DDR via de XSDK, i.e. using the desgined and exported hardware in Vivado write a program to use the implemented DMA to access(red/write) the DDR. thanks @xc6lx45 either way
  7. Hello, so I followed this axi-dma tutorial and everything looks pretty fine. Now, this tutorial only goes to running a HelloWorld application inside de XSDK. I would like to know how t write something to DDR and how to read something back (specifying addresses e.g.)? To be precise this is how the actual design looks like I would really appreciate some sample C code of how to instantiate (?) the AXI Slave/Master ports to be able to read something from the DDR. Thanks !!
  8. Thanks i will have a look at these.
  9. Hello, i have been searching for a ready to use image to boot form a zybo. where i can make a bootable sdcard just like this e.g.: dd bs=4M if=/path/to/zybo.iso of=/dev/sdx I tried building it with the peta linux guide. This is old and deprecated. Peta linux is missing from the Xilinx website if you dig a little bit deeper you get to the download site for this peta linux. I couldn't find anything there. Isn't there some prebuild image for this hardware somewhere ? Thank you very much.
  10. Hi, i would like to just be able to read memory addresses from RAM on my Zybo Zynq -7000. I have read some interesting articles including this one I followed every step but I'm still missing the part where i can e.g. just read an address print it out (and write it back?). If this could be done with the SDK in c/c++ it'd be awesome . Could anyone recommend me some literature or is there a tutorial which i can follow to understand this better ? Thanks in advance