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  1. So I notice you are not using an Electronics Explorer board. The EE board is the one we have here in the lab and it was not working with 3.7.x. Rolling back a version and it works really seems to point to a conclusion to a problem in 3.7.x. I am unaware of any changes made to the lab systems between attempting to get 3.7.x to work and having success with 3.6.8. We downloaded and installed 3.7.x and debugged for several hours when a colleague thought we might try an earlier version of the program. We rolled back the Waveforms software and voila, it worked. I realize that this may
  2. This was using Python 2.7 on Windows 7 and 8.1. We were trying to run the example programs and the board would not be recognized. For example the Device_Enumeration.py script We rolled back the version of Waveforms and it worked on the example programs. Thus we worked up our own projects. We are not sure the problem here with the new version. We just wanted to bring it to light that it was a strange behavior.
  3. Hello, I may have a bug to report. It appears that the latest version of Waveforms 3 on Windows 7 and 8 does not support the python hooks and API. I have rolled my version back to the previous version and it appears to work fine. We just wanted to make sure to bring this to light as it hopefully will not continue through future versions of Waveforms. Thanks, Dylan
  4. Hello, Is there a way to set the voltage level of the digital I/O on the explorer board to 5V? I see the board has a 5V Vcc supply. Is the only possible way to do open-drain? Thanks, Dylan
  5. Thank you. I apparently have an older version of the SDK manual! I have now updated and it appears I have what I need.
  6. Hi, I am trying to do some test automation on the electronics explorer board. I have been looking through the Javascript and Python documentation and haven't been able to find a good mapping of values passed to the API's and where they correspond to the on-board resources. Does one exist? I have really been struggling for example trying to enable/change power supplies. Have variable Vp/Vn values and Vcc (on/off/5v/3.3v). Thank you for your time! Dylan