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  1. Thanks @JColvin! Reviewing the SDK was very helpful, I have one other question. I am writing API that mimics the functionality of the Spectrum Analyzer in Waveforms, I think to use the AnalogIn_Record example from the SDK samples will get me to my goal. Is this assumption right or will I be better off using reviewing some other example in detail? Once again thanks for the insight on SDK, it has been really helpful!
  2. Hi, I am working on a project and I want to incorporate the Discovery for Data Collection. I was wondering is there a way to automate the collection of data using analog discovery so I don't have to launch Waveforms each time to collect data? My project will only include the Analog Discovery as another puzzle piece, there are other boards and chips that will be connected to the discovery for data collection. Once I collect data I would want to pass it on for processing and interpretation. I am hoping to use Python to control the whole system if possible and make most of the processes