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  1. i understand the concept of debouncing but i am thinking how to use it on these many buttons....??? i tried it but i dont know that is correct or not please tell me that it is correct or not...???? New Text Document (5).txt
  2. okk sir. can u say y still it not working i removed clockgen and i changed first always block and i changed it into the non-blocking statments also then where is the problem...??
  3. Okk I get it [email protected] can u tell me how to use strobe signal
  4. how to use that strobe signal in synchronous and i modified it everything and one thing i didnot understand the thing is (your white spaces (tabbing) don't match your logic. As a result, you aren't seeing that several of your assignments are overriding others. The design is therefore flawed, but because of how you have it written it is difficult to see. (You may have forgotten a begin/end block after an else within your first case statement.))..??? New Text Document (4).txt
  5. here one thing i didnot understand is how to avoid bouncing of switches and i removed the posedge reset from the always block and i removed the clockout from the next always block. but in sevensegment display i need a inbuilt clk to control the segments and i think i didnot make any mistake on the cdc logic as well.i still didnot getting the output on the board. Xst:528 - Multi-source in Unit <elevator> on signal <l_m>, i am getting error in the synthesis/implementation and i didnot get it. can you telll me wat the error says in the photo..?????? elevator12.txt
  6. elevator program is not working on the board and it is showing simulation properly.i am not getting where the mistake is happend.can you check the program why it is not working on the board.i thought that the mistake is in the elevator is not taking any inputs according to the module. thanks elevator12.txt
  7. It is 5v dc motor it can move by giving one to it..if you want program means I will send it ...
  8. Can I use clk and reset to the motor program ....?? It effects anything on the motor...??
  9. every file is in the disk format,how to open it and it shows the disc image file is corrupted thanks
  10. i downloaded the zip file and i didnot get anything from that could you explain a bit more.. thanks
  11. How to connect the pins in the nexys4 artix7 temperature sensor
  12. When I am using 330 ohm it is working thanxs @hamster