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  1. Hi @jpeyron, Sorry for the long delay. I did what you said and got the following results, I don't know if it is useful, maybe just leave this here for reference: Best regards, Marcelo.
  2. Hi @jpeyron, Thank you for your answer, but notice that I am not asking for support for Virtualbox drivers. I am asking for a way to debug the situation in Windows 10, which I assume that Adept 2 should run without problems. The screens I have pasted show that the Windows USB driver is recognizing the Nexys3 board and the windows device manager clearly says "Digilent USB Device". For example, it would be convenient if the --verbose parameter in djtgcfg could give a hint of why he is unable to open the device, even though he is able to enumerate it. Regards, Marcelo.
  3. Hi folks, My current setup is Opensuse Tumbleweed, I am running Windows 10 under Virtualbox. Xilinx ISE / Impact runs fine under Linux, the Adept plugin recognizes Nexys 3 and the Adept utilities run fine: $ djtgcfg enum Found 1 device(s) Device: Nexys3 Product Name: Nexys3 User Name: Nexys3 Serial Number: 210182477273 $ djtgcfg -d Nexys3 init Initializing scan chain... Found Device ID: 34002093 Found 1 device(s): Device 0: XC6SLX16 Under Windows 10 inside virtualbox, after selecting the USB device to be owned by the Windows virtual machine, I get the following: C:\Users\Mr>djtgcfg enum Found 1 device(s) Device: Nexys3 Product Name: Nexys3 User Name: Nexys3 Serial Number: 210182477273 C:\Users\Mr>djtgcfg -d Nexys3 init ERROR: unable to open device "Nexys3" The USB device is recognized in the windows device manager as "Digilent USB Device". My intention was to use the Adept 2 GUI, which is way more convenient than the command line tools on Linux, but it is suffering from the same problem above. It does recognize I have a Nexys3 board connected, the Nexys 3 TM logo does appear, but when you tell it to initialize the chain, it says: "Initialization Failed. Check connections and try again." Inside the Adept status window I get: ===== Digilent Adept ===== Adept System Rev 2.7 Adept Runtime Rev 2.16 Adept Applicatin Rev 2.4.2 Copytight (c) 2010 Loading board information... Initializing Scan Chain... Board information loaded. Initialization Failed. Is there a way to debug this problem? Adding --vebose to djtgcfg makes no difference on the output. Thanks in advance, Marcelo.