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  1. Hi @jpeyron, Noted with thanks. Will reply you if I have any doubts again. Regards, vader92
  2. Hi @jpeyron, Noted with thanks. Since this is the case, how should I connect the wires on the motor (for the feedback of the motor) between the Brush DC motor and the Pmod HB3 motor shield or the Arduino Board.
  3. Hi @jpeyron, Can I clarify with you if the state machine you meant is it a hardware or a sofware ? Regards, Chan Yun Hol
  4. Hi @jpeyron There is a digital switch module in the circuit that you have shown me. Can I check with you if I can control it without using the digital switch module. Regards, Chan Yun Hol
  5. Hi @JColvin Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the suggestion. I actually wanted to create a force feedback system. In other words, when I exert a force to the shaft of the dc motor and let it actuate to a certain angular position, it will stop. Do I need to add any more components, or would that be enough ? Regards, Chan Yun Hol
  6. Hi Jon, Thanks for the reply. However, the dc motor that I am using is not a general one. I am using the motor stated below. Regards, vader92
  7. Hi all, I just bought a brush dc motor, Pmod HB3 motor shield and want to control it with an Arduino Uno Board. However, I do not know how to connect all the three components together. Would like to have your help. And are there any sample codes that I can refer to ? Thanks. Regards, vader92.