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  1. Also, is there a way to include the 'Cursors' data/window in the saved image?
  2. This gave a beautiful Bode plot. By the way, is there a way to graph the gain and phase on the same plot, using two different Y axes?
  3. In a step-down switching regulator feedback resistor network, I am inserting a 51-Ohm resistor (is this sufficient for the AD2?) between the bottom feedback and ground, across which I will apply the signal (W1). I am adding a resistor network in parallel with my total feedback network, from Vout to ground. Scope Ch2 will be at the intersection of the two resistors in the added resistor network. Scope Ch1 will be at the feedback node (intersection of Rtop and Rbot in the feedback network). This modification of the standard Bode plot method for a step-down switching regulator allows all gro
  4. When using the Network Analyzer, can W1(+) & Scope Ch1(+) be at different nodes and still potentially produce a useful output (hypothetically/theoretically)?
  5. For the waveform generator to be useful as a load step FET controller, I will need to control both the rise time and fall time of the same pulse. Any suggestions for most easily achieving this?
  6. attila, calibrating the 10x scope probes using their screw adjustments fixed the issue. Now the peak-to-peak voltage is correct. xc6Ix45, thank you for the science behind the issue. You both made my day. Thank you!
  7. Thanks, jpeyron. Update: I tried calibration, but it did not help. Despite having set my 10x probes to '10x' in each channel in the software, during calibration there was an error message indicating that the measured voltages were about half of what they actually were, causing me to wonder whether the '10x' setting did not register properly with the calibration routine. With 10x probes (and 10x Ch settings), both probes on both scope channels have the same problem as stated in my original post: about 10% too-small peak-to-peak voltage relative to my highest-quality DMMs and my fancy
  8. Could someone please tell me whether it is normal for a 4.5Vpp signal to show on the AD2 scope (with daughter board and real probe) as a 4.0Vpp signal when at 2V/div? If not, any advice for troubleshooting? Additional information: The ground clip is grounded properly. It doesn't change the signal when I connect the ground wire to my circuit ground as well. 20Vpp shows as 17.5Vpp at 5V/div.