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  1. eskl

    Adept Issue

    So it turns out it was not a problem with the computer, but with the Nexys3 board. I swapped it out with a spare Nexys3 and it works fine (on both computers). With the board that is not working, this is what I get (see below). The weird thing is it seems to recognize that a Nexys3 is connected, but it says Product: Unknown, and it's missing some of the tabs (like Memory). Any idea what could be wrong with the board that could be causing this to happen? Loading board information... Initializing Scan Chain... Board information loaded. Found device ID: 44002093 Initialization Complete. Device 1: XC6SLX16
  2. eskl

    Adept Issue

    As a follow up, will Adept not connect to the Nexys3 using a USB3.0 port? This is the only difference I can think of in the 2 laptops (the first laptop has USB2.0).
  3. eskl

    Adept Issue

    Hi, I am using Adept with a Nexys3 board. I have been using Adept to write a file to the BPI Flash (under the Memory tab on the Adept GUI). This was using a Dell M4400 running Windows 7. I am now using a Dell Lattitude E7440 running Windows 7, and Adept doesn’t seem to fully recognize the Nexys3 when connected (it says Connect: Nexys3 and Product: Unknown), and the tabs are different (the Memory tab is no longer an option). Any idea why this might be happening and where I can look to try to fix it? Thanks!
  4. I'm using a Nexys3 board, and I'd like to be able to read values stored in the Parallel PCM nonvolatile memory into the fpga. I've confirmed that I am able to write (and read) the Parallel PCM using the Digilent Adept GUI. Is there any example VHDL code or reference designs to on how to read data from the Parallel PCM? Or at the very least more detailed information about how to do this? (Note my fpga configuration file is stored in the SPI PCM).