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    Rise Time

    I would no say that there's an issue...after spending some time to look at the functions, I've found the explanation, the RiseTime measurement computes from 10% to 90% of the signal, you can see that by editing the measurement, there's a comment saying : "// The average rise time for 10-90% of low-high level." Coming back to my original need, I created the following custom measurement. It computes the time constant of the capacitor charge, based on the RisTime measurement provided. var resistance = 990 var rise = Scope1.Channel1.measure("RiseTime"); (rise / (logn(0.9)-logn(0.1))) / re
  2. Hello, I was wondering how would be the simpliest way to determine a capacitor value with the help of the scope. I connected a 2.2 uF capacitor in serie with a 990 Ohm resistor, negative port of capacitor to GND, positive port of capacitor to the resistor, and the other leg of resistor to the wavegen1 with a square signal at 20 Hz / 1V amplitude, the scope channel 1 being connected accross the capacitor. My first tought was to create a short script, calculating the rise time at 63% of the value of the voltage (1V) and then dividing this time by the resistor value. I'm not experienced enou