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  1. Bryce

    Heat Created by Arty A7

    Hello, Per the Arty A7 reference manual the recommended power supply is 36 Watts. At this rate of power dissipation does the Arty A7 circuit card require active cooling? What is the maximum operating temperature of this circuit card assembly? Bryce Hieber
  2. Hello, Could I have the STP file of the Pmod Female Right Angle 6-pin Header? I'm trying to see how much space I need to fit it in my model.
  3. Bryce

    PmodRS485 CAD file

    Hello @JColvin I am unable to open the rar CAD file format. Is there anyway I could get it in a step file format?
  4. Could I have the CAD step file for PmodRS485? I would like to include it in my assembly with the ARTY A7-35T.
  5. Are there STP files available for the ARTY A7-35T? I would like to model an attachment to the board that allows me to mount it to a chassis.