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  1. I used a better grade USB cable. (It was a cable I got when I bought an Arduino DUE or something like that.)
  2. I have 3 CMOD A7's, and I had no trouble on my old Lenovo box, no matter what cable I used. I moved to a new high-end HP Zbook, and my CMOD A7's were unstable--kept connecting and disconnecting from the hardware manager, in and endless loop. I was using a garden-grade USB cable. After reading this blog, I switched to a short (18 inch), very high end USB cable, and the problem went away. So, it would appear that the cable is a factor, but the USB PHY on the PC may also play into this problem (which is why some people might experience a different result with the same cables, etc.)
  3. I bought one of these CMOD A7, 35T boards, and it works great! Also works with the Vivado license that came with my Arty 35.
  4. I bought a CMOD A7 with Artix-7 35T and checked it out. I installed my custom UART module and checked it out on my node locked, device locked Vivado license (that came with the Arty 35 board). Works great
  5. I'm brand new to this forum, and I was very uncertain as to where to post this question.
  6. I have an Arty-35 evaluation board that came with a device-locked, node-locked Vivado license. (BTW, the board and tools are very nice). Does my limited Vivado license also cover programming the Cmod A7: Breadboardable Artix-7 FPGA Module which also uses an Artix-7 A7-35T FPGA component? I think they're the same Artix-7 device, so it seems like it should work. I'd like to purchase one of these Cmod A7 FPGA DIP devices, but I want to be sure my Vivado license will cover it.