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  1. Another question is when I use it command : int count = 0 ; count = analog.signedRead(0,true); The value is always 32767.
  2. Question 1: I changed a little bit to print out the value on passthrough code: #include <analogShield.h> //Include to use analog shield.#include <SPI.h> //required for ChipKIT but does not affect Arduino void setup(){ //no setup Serial.begin(9600); } unsigned int count = 0;void loop(){ count =; //read in on port labeled 'IN0' Serial.println(count); analog.write(0, count); //write out the value on port labeled 'OUT0'} I read values for all ADC pins 0->3. And I see that A0,A2,A3 read correct values with 32,000 for 0V, But for A1, this value is around 22
  3. Thanks for your reply. Another the question is do you have the library for Analog Shield in pcduino. I dont think the current library will work on pcduino. If you dont have, could you give me some references, materials, turtorials, anything that helps me build SPI communication between them. I find that there are lack of resources and codes on the web for pcduino now. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, I have just bought an Analog Shield. In the references, it is said that Analog Shield board is compatible with Arduino Uno and ChipKIT. Is it possible if I want to use Analog Shield with Arduino mini pro (8Mhz, 5V) or Pcduino ? If yes, is there anything should I consider ? I would very appreciate if anyone can help me understand more clearly. Thank you very much