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  1. Thanks jon The IP upgrades were prompted by vivado and worked automatically which is nice so it looks like I may need to just need to do the name changes. I'll give that a go. FYI I'm not worried about actually using it - I'm just using it as a third party example to work through and try to understand the processes and logs. I picked this one because it has a fair bit going on I can learn from.
  2. When I run behavioural sim on the HDMI demo file it fails with syncasync is not compiled in library xil_defaultlib (from xvhdl.log) (There were 4 port warnings in the log above this. regarding static names and clocks in axi_dynclk.vhd but no other errors) As this is my first attempt at using vivado to this point I don't know the best way to correct this or if its an actual error (do I have the right file version?) I'm using Vivado 2017.4 on linux. Thanks john