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  1. ValStan

    JTAG-USB Question

    Hello @JColvin I sent an email to [email protected] but didn't get any reaction so far. Could you help me by forwarding my inquiry to the proper Digilent department? Thank you in advance. Regards Valentin
  2. ValStan

    JTAG-USB Question

    Hi thank you for the suggestions. German is not a problem so I will take a look on the links you have posted @xc6lx45 Our purpose is to use our own on-board FT2232H chip and omit any additional HW. Currently we have designed an adapter where the Xilinx programmer can be attached to but some products are/will be placed in a housing which will later no longer be accessible. The only "visible" connector would be the one of the USB. Regards Valentin
  3. ValStan

    JTAG-USB Question

    @JColvin Hello Mr. JColvin our company is interested in debugging Xilinx 7Series FPGAs over a FT2232H FTDI chip - Microblaze debugging over the Vivado IDE as well as bitfile loading and SPI flash image update. My research on the internet brought me here. If I got it right it is possible to use the FTDI chips for Microblaze debugging if they notify themselves as Digilent devices. Then Vivado and SDK are capable of communicating with them. Is this correct? If yes then would you be so kind to inform me about the license costs and additional fees which are raised by Digilent to use this feature. Thank you in advance. Regards Valentin