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  1. Hi and thanks Would it even be possible to have the 10 bit counter inside DD ? I am using an incremental decoder, giving a reset pulse. 1024 count up pulses follows after the reset during one revolution. In that case the input would only be One CountUp and one Reset
  2. Hi, I would like the digital Discovery to behave like a ROM . The input should be 10 wires from a 4040 counter, that counts up to 1024 and Digital Discovery should offer 4 digit output. The unit should be programmed by importing a file, of the same type that is used to program a EPROM Is it possible?
  3. Are there any example .txt and .csv files describing how to import waveforms to the wave generator ? Is it possible to import two waveforms , W1+W2 in one single comma separated csv ? Is it possible to set time-scale, sample rate etc.. in the very same csv ? I have saved from the scope and studied the resulting csv, but it doesn't work for 2 channels in the other direction. Are there corresponding example files and file definitions for the pattern generator ?
  4. Is it possible to run several units as pattern generators from one single PC. It seems that only the unit in focus can work. If I want 4 units as pattern generators they can be triggered to co-operate but they will need 4 PC computers Right ?
  5. Hi re Analog Discovery 2 Configuration in Device Manager is kept default: Scope 2x8k Wavegen 2x4 k Logic 16 x 4k Patterns 16x1k Question: Can Wavegen and Patterns be triggered simultaneously and generate output in parallell, 2 analoge channels and 16 bit logic simultaneous and perfectly syncronized ?