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  1. disconnect_hw_server and connect_hw_server commands

    i downloaded vivado 17.4 and i am using windows 7 64 bit. thanks
  2. disconnect_hw_server and connect_hw_server commands

    i did install vivado 17.4 and it worked fine for first 3-4 times. but then suddenly it showed this error when tried to store bit file. ERROR: [Labtoolstcl 44-199] No matching targets found on connected servers: localhost Resolution: If needed connect the desired target to a server and use command refresh_hw_server. Then rerun the get_hw_targets command. ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'get_hw_targets' failed due to earlier errors.
  3. hello i am using cmod a7 and for programing i am using vivado15.1 . when trying to program device or to connect to device it shows: No hardware targets exist on the server [localhost:3121] Check to make sure the cable targets connected to this machine are properly connected and powered up, then use the disconnect_hw_server and connect_hw_server commands to re-register the hardware targets. i have to restart my computer and then it works fine.but after programing and implementing once the error occurs again.any advice will be helpful . thanks
  4. create delay in verilog in cmod a7

    dear bogdan the code you provided earlier i am able to decrease/increase the brightness of led but not able to blink it properly(start -stop-start) i did some test and found out that the if part of code is working but the else part is not i.e. if led is provided high in if part and then low in else part when implemented the led stays high and when reversed in coding and then implemented the led stays low only .if you can help me with it thanks
  5. create delay in verilog in cmod a7

    thank you Bogdan vanca , that was really helpful . I am able to blink the led ,now i am working on the delay period . i am trying to blink the leds alternatively .if you can help me with that. i really appreciate your help.
  6. create delay in verilog in cmod a7

    hello, i am using cmod a7. i am trying to blink the led at 1 sec delay(using verilog language). please help me with the code and also let me know the frequency we will be using to create delay and at which pin will it be available.
  7. ethernet with cmod A7

    hello, i want to know whether or not it is possible to connect ethernet port to CMOD A7. as number of input output lines are restricted .if yes then how?
  8. CMOD A-7

    i have bought CMOD A-7. And if i define a pin as output and by mistake give it some input voltage(approx 3.3v) .will it damage the pin??if yes then please recommend a solution to avoid it.