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  1. Thank you for clarification! I guess I was influenced by earlier post (below) on related issue and that made me wonder about some elaborate individual board/device lock schemes .. not that far fetched thought given DRM/DLC/microtransactions world we live in (not giving Xilinx any ideas here :-))
  2. Hi, Could anyone share their experience with Genesys 2 and Vivado voucher license? The Genesys 2 Vivado license (acquired via voucher) is node and board locked. I wonder how restrictive board lock is: Can I generate the bitstream on one computer (the "node" license is locked to) and program on another? Does the the board need to be connected to the "node" for Viviado to work? (or the lock is just put in the bitstream?) If I have two Genesys 2 boards, do I have to have two copies of Vivado installed? Thanks, Peter