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  1. oh OK Thanks, Saeed
  2. Hey @JColvin Can you share the link of the reference where it says that AD7091R is obsolete already? I actually don't need any code but confirmation. Thanks, Saeed
  3. Hey @JColvin, Thanks for your reply Yes I have seen all other Pmods on digilent site. Actually I was going through the data sheer of AD7091R and under "Software and System Requirement" section I found this "AD7091R Pmod Xilinx FPGA Reference Design" and its AD6. So I tried to google it but didn't get any results. So I thought maybe I should ask you guys.. Thanks, Saeed
  4. Hello Digilent, I am just going to buy an ARTY A7 35T board and I have to interface an external ADC ADC7091R with it. I know it has an on board XADC but I need to do for some specific purpose. Now I have seen a Pmod of ADC7091 R given in its datasheet and I want to know that "DO ARTY A7 support pmod of ADC7091R". Thanks