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    HS1 Device Names

    Hi, This one may need Digilent input: I named my HS1 devices using the Adept suite, but I was unaware that the names seem to be "per windows user". So when I ran my automated tests, under a different account, things failed. Is there a way to "globally name" my HS1 devices. I have two on each box in my test farm. There are 7 boxes in the farm. Thank you, Duncan
  2. To answer my own question, and give you some feedback: 1) I wrote a Win32DLL and wrapped that up in BOOST interface that exposed a callable face for Python. 2) I just did an "import JtagDriver" in python and then I could use the class. I just installed the Adept System and Adept Utils on the target machine and linked my DLL against the relevant libraries Simple.
  3. Hi, I'm wondering what the best approach would be to get my python code to talk to an HS1 device? My questions are: 1) What DLLs do I need to have on my target machine? 2) Should I create a PYD or can I speak to the library functions in a different way? 3) What is the latest version of the SDK ( Adpet?? ) and how are folks using it? Thanks for any pointers, Duncan